A little bit about me

My name is Jim Chaney and building websites and applications is my passion. I went to Central Michigan University and got my degree in Computer Science with a minor in Media Design, Production and Technology. I've been building websites since I was in High School and fell in love with creating applications in college.

Here is a little of my story

I decided exactly what I wanted to do with my life in the second year of my time in college. I started off as a business major. While I enjoyed business, I realized that is not what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I then turned to my love of computers. After my first semester of being a computer science student, I found that I loved coding and everything that had to do with it. After adding a media design, production and technology minor I dove deeper into the designing side of things. This allowed me to create great User Interfaces while still being able to program all the backend stuff.


Programmer/Designer at CJ Studios

Launched CJ Studios with a business student to create useful applications targeted for college students. Before graduating Central Michigan University and settling into an office job, I wanted to get started creating applications. I took advantage of being a student at a decent sized university and quickly saw that there were a lot of needs not being met for the students. I solved these needs with the applications I built with my time at the University.  


Graduated Central Michigan University

Graduated from Central Michigan University in the Spring of 2015 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Media Design, Technology and Production.


Blue Frost Software and Design

Worked as a full-stack developer to build and design websites from client specifications.


Live Rite

Web Developer and Program Evaluator at Live Rite. Created multiple web applications to manage their business and clients.



I started this as a freelance Web Developer. I like being able to do projects one-on-one with clients and businesses without all the intermediaries. I've found I get projects done a lot faster and communicate a lot better.

I just finished my contract with Live Rite Recovery where I built a robust, custom website and web applications that communicate with each other. This has been an awesome project for me because it helps streamline a nonprofit business that I believe in. While under contract with Live Rite, I have come up with and created applications to better help those in recovery have lasting sobriety.

I am currently looking for my next project, Contact me if you are interersted. Thank you

Jim Chaney Design Meeting

Now: Jim Chaney Web Development

My freelance business started growing faster than I expected so I took on a few employees. This helps me play to my strengths and gives me more time with my favorite parts of developing a website.

Presently, our team comprises a proficient graphic designer responsible for crafting logos and handling certain aspects of front-end design. We've also enlisted the expertise of a social media and digital marketing specialist to manage promotional activities post-launch. Additionally, there's an SEO and Content Engineering expert who assists in content creation during site development and continues optimizing post-launch. Lastly, we have an ecommerce developer who excels in building and maintaining online stores and product portfolios